Richard Boyce is an Irish lawyer resident in Italy for many years and with vast experience in the legal translations field. He is currently a lecturer in Legal English at LUISS "Guido Carli" University, Rome, and previously worked as a lawyer in Ireland and as a consultant with a number of Italian law firms.

Some of the translations done during the past year include:

  • Agreements: Distribution Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Licensing and Franchise Agreements, Employment Contracts for Executives and Managers, Sale of Real Estate, Leases of Industrial, Commercial and Residential Property, Concession Contracts, Letters of Intent, Shareholders' Agreements, Agency Agreements and Tenders. Also many agreements concerning securitisation.

  • Articles: "European and Italian Labour Law", "Theoretical and Criminal Policy Foundations for a European Model of 'Extended' Confiscation in the Ambit Of Organised Crime", "Some Observations on the Proposal to Amend the Sixth EEC Directive (COM 349/2000) as Regards the VAT Applicable to Certain Services Supplied by Electronic Means", "The Interpretation of Article 281 of UNCLOS in a Recent International Arbitration Award", "Regulation of Global Financial Markets" plus a vast assortment of other articles dealing with legal and tax matters. Also two books: International Economic Co-Operation in the Central European Initiative States: a Manual for Lawyers and Businessmen and Introduction to the Study of Italian Law.

  • Pleadings: Complaints / writs / statements of claim, answers / defence briefs, replies, counterclaims, interlocutary relief, motions, injunctions and judgements. Also pleadings in arbitral proceedings and submissions in cases before the Italian Competition Authority.

  • Laws & Regulations: Extracts from the Italian Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Penal Code, Code of Penal Procedure, specific laws and decrees as well as extracts from collective bargaining agreements.

  • Corporate and Other: deeds of incorporation / memoranda of association, by-laws /articles of association, minutes and resolutions as well as a wide range of documents concerning IPOs, takeovers and mutual funds.